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Customize and configure ChromeDriver sessions for Selenium tests on BrowserStack Automate.

addExtensions (new File ("pathtoextension.

Chrome Options class is used to control the properties of Chrome Driver and is used with combining Desired Capabilities. May 19, 2023 Teams. addencodedextension (ext) It is used to append base 64 encoded string and the extension data to a list that will be utilised to get it to the ChromeDriver.

ChromeOptions is a class that extends MutableCapabilities.

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Why It is Required ChromeOptions class is used to customize the settings of the chrome browser. chromium.


May 12, 2013 Found the chrome Options class in the Selenium source code.

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options import Options chromeoptions Options () chromeoptions. .

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options import ChromiumOptions from selenium.

desiredcapabilities import DesiredCapabilities class Options(ChromiumOptions).

addexperimentaloption (n, val) It.

There&39;s no. We can use ChromeOptions class to manage options specific to ChromeDriver. .

. . ChromeOptions (Showing top 20 results out of 729). Framework. Some of the methods of the above mentioned class are listed below .

You can create an instance of ChromeOptions, which has convenient methods for setting ChromeDriver-specific capabilities.

Thanks in advance. Method Summary Methods inherited from SeleniumWebDriverChromiumOptions.


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