My husband and I, both 70, were married two years ago after living together for 20 years. Aug 30, 2018 I couldnt keep washing sheets and his clothes so I put him back into nappies at night and during the day as well.

Everything will be done for you.

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I am a TBDL.

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I remember that I had this urge to wear a diaper again. Nov 29, 2015 The Rings of Fate.

So her aunt set her down on the changing table and diapered her.

She was done with her last class for today and was excited because next week was Spring Break.

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That means, you'll be diapered, you'll sleep in a crib, you'll be spoon and bottle fed. .

Megan was acting up.
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The next morning when she woke up she saw her aunt standing in front of her with a diaper and wipes.



. . I am a TBDL.

. i am 12 years old and i love diapers. My 5-year-old daughter was supposed to earn her yellow belt in karate last month. Aug 30, 2013 Chapter 1. K. Play.


. Babying an adult requires more intentionality.

For the love of God find a better coping mechanism.


I want to be treated like a baby because it makes me comfortable and able to cope with stress.